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Skytracker Recent Work

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Toronto Night Club Opening

Skytracker signaled the opening of Level Night Club. The opening was such a success that police had to form a human barricade to stop bystanders from stopping traffic on Peter Street. Local visitors to the area kept coming from the local Richmond and Adalaide Street area to see where the light beams were coming from.

Dardanella in Wasaga Beach

The Dardanella in Wasaga Beach was the most prominent nightclub within miles this weekend as the Skytracker was running at the front door, attracting many customers from the surrounding area. Areas like Wasaga, with a dark surrounding area get the biggest value for the dollar with Skytracker.

The Friendly Greek Restaurant

Skytracker operates before dark! Here in the east end of Toronto The Friendly Greek Restaurant uses the Skytracker to let locals know they are open for business, and attract attention for those new to the area.

Queen Street Corporate Party

A photographic studio hired Skytracker to highlight the front entrance of The Crystal Room on Queen. A tremendous crowd attended, with Skytracker showing the way, and providing mood while smokers came outside during the evening.

Oakdale Golf and Country Club

A Hollywood style party at the Oakdale Country Club called for Hollywood style lights, adding theme and special effect to the gathering. While Skytracker often lights buildings, it really shows it effectiveness when employed in a dark setting like a golf course.

Club District Alive

The downtown club district is alive with people, sounds and partying - the opening of Dream Lounge uses Skytracker to highlight the opening of their doors for the weekend.

KIA Commercial

KIA utilised locations all over Toronto and Mississauga to give a multicultural flavour to it's commercial. Skytracker was there to add excitment, with light beams scanning in and out of the picture.

22/04 2005:

Oshawa Durham College

Durham College Campus has an all-night party. Skytracker worked wonderfully to pinpoint the location on campus, and added excitement to the event.

Niagara Clifton Hill - Apr

Skytracker is up and running again for the season this year in Niagara Falls! Drawing Niagara and USA customers to the Clifton Hill region of Niagara Falls. Skytracker is an effective tool for busy streets - getting the attention of many of the tourists walking Clifton Hill.

Skytracker used for movie with "The Donald"

Skytracker was employed to add excitement for the ABC movie "Ambition" which is about Donald Trump, his wife and his family. Skytracker scenes included both indoor and outdoor shots.

Rumours Night Club

Rumours regularly uses the Skytracker to promote their special events and highlight the location. Located at Danforth and Eglinton Avenue, Skytracker beams are seen on both busy streets and drivers would often look to see what all the excitment was about.


Rumours and Skytracker caused quite the excitment in Pickering. In fact, it was so effective, it drove the neighbours crazy! They went to city council and had a by-law created against Skytrackers!

Niagara Wine Festival

For years Skytracker has been in the Niagara Region for the wonderful celebration of Ontario wines. Celebrants come from all over the province to sample wines show wines.

Toronto Film Shoot

During the recent shooting of the US televsion show Skytracker was used as a set prop and to provide special lighting effect outside a nightclub that was bombed during the evening. Skytracker beams scanning the scene provided much of the excitement while fire, ambulance, police and bomb squad officers rushed around tending to injured patrons.

The Newfoundlander is open!

This east-end pub opening celebrates with the use of the Skytracker. The Newfoundland pub has been a fixture in the area for many years. New owners have recently remodeled, and used the Skytracker to signal to neighbours that renovations are complete, and there in business again!

New Mississauga NightClub Opening

This Mississauga nightclub opening in Mississauga used the Skytracker to highlight their location. It also attracted local customers in the busy Square 1 shopping district. Opening night was packed, with Skytracker providing much of the entrance-way excitement!

26/01 2005:

Coors Maxim Tour Windup

For the final winning contestant pick of the Coors-Maxim tour held at Koolhaus in Toronto, Skytracker provided the excitement and atmosphere, and well as pinpointed the location as guests sought out and entered.

Sears and Mall Christmas Sales

Every Year this mall has their midnight madness sale throughout the mall and employs Skytracker to remind customers to come, and signals to area residents to come and see whats going on at the mall.

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Bass Pro Sports - Outdoor World

Bass Pro Shop opened up their first super-size store at highway #400 and Bass Pro Mills Road.  Highway traffic on the highway #400 slowed down to get a glimpse of the action.

Sam and Pete's

The opening of Sam and Pete's, Oct 14. Drivers up and down the 400 highway looked on, as did shoppers around the 400/7 Interchange power centre.