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Most Skytracker bookings are made around two to three weeks in advance. The busiest times of year for Skytracker are September thru December. I initially take a verbal booking. Once it is chalked into my calendar, your Skytracker is set aside and no-one will take your slot. If I have not done a searchlight at your facility, I like to drop by and see it. If I can drop by on my own time, there is no fee for this. I do charge if customers want me to come to meetings.


Skytrackers are powered by a hydro connection to your site facility. Power of 208 volts at 70amps must be available at the site location. Typically when I see a site I find a good location to get the power from and a location to place the Skytracker for your event.


Most people want the Skytracker somewhere out in front of their business. I do not recommend putting Skytracker behind your business, as this will draw people to the rear. You don't want that, do you?




For operation of Skytrackers there are a number of considerations that effect operation;


High Buildings: When skytracker beams actually hit Condminiums, apartments and hotels and go into the windows there is often complaints. It is a good idea to spot these in advance and work out a game plan for dealing with it. There are a number of ways to deal with this which we can discuss.


Street Permits: Theoretically, if the Skytracker is operating on the street, it is "a commercial business operating on public property" and hence needs a permit. In 23 years of business I have had only one conflict with the city here so while the rule exists, it is usually not a problem. Permits should be obtained to park the Skytracker where there is no parking allowed.


Airports: Transport Canada has a chapter of regulation pertaining to bright-lights which states that all searchlights and Skytrackers must report to air traffic control towers when in proximity. This is something that we can take care of if you make us aware that you are near an airport.

Condominium Friendly!

While many condominium owners are nervous when they see Skytrackers arrive, we try and focus the beams so that they do not hit residential buildings. It helps if we can see the location in advance, and that usually elliminates any possibility of complaints.