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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you project images in the sky?

Unfortunately not. Anytime you want to project an image with light you have to have some kind of optics, usually lenses, to project accurately to a particular focal depth. You also need something to project on that is flat. Clouds are not flat. In some rare cases, lasers have been used to project images on clouds, but only with very high-power lasers, on very low clouds. And then the image is not clear except to those people who are standing in the exact spot the laser emits from.

How far will you travel?

We typically travel up to a four hours drive. Any further inhibits my ability to cover my obligations in Toronto.

How far up do the beams go?

In the city you can see them to the height of the CN tower which is around 1800 ft, I believe. In the country you can see them probably twice that.

How visible are the beams?

It is impossible to know exactly how visible the beams will be at your particular location and from where. Factors effecting the visibility of the beams are many; the brightness of the moon, ambient lighting in the area, pollution, humidity, rain and snow all effect what you can see.


Typically, if there is a lot of humidity or fog or rain or snow or pollution in the air, the beams are tremendously bright in close proximity. Alternatively, if conditions are very clear, the beams go up higher into the sky and can often be seen for many miles. 

Can you project beams in colour?

Yes, you see this on the opening page of the website when we did the opening of the Skydome. I don't recommend it. Typically once you gel a light beam it cancels the main effect, that being the beam itself. If you are interested I can price it out for you.