The STX1 is a full-motion, single-head xenon searchlight producing a beam visible for miles. It moves in an attention-getting oval pattern. The sweeping beam not only adds motion and excitement to an event or lighting effect, but also pinpoints the location.

Available in a single-piece design (STX1-A, as illustrated) or a two-part system (STX1-B & C) for specific location installation. All systems allow users the ability to project a stationary beam or a rotating beacon.


Download the Acrobat specifications here.

Leading Edge Xenon Technology
Precision Nickel Electroformed Reflector specifically coated for continuous high output performance
Color Temperature constant at 5600° (Kelvin)
Focusable Beam
Available in both 2000 and 4000 Watt configurations
SkyTracker Exclusively Designed Mechanics and High Reflective Optics
Lamphead features Rainproof, Molded Fiberglass Casing
Tempered Glass Lamphead Window
Rotation Speed Control
Two-Part Construction for Easy Installation (“B” and “C” Series) “B” Series: Plug-In “C” Series: Hard Wired