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Skytracker was originally developed in 1979 by Pichel Industries of Temecula, California by Marlo Pichel. In approximately 1998, Pichel Industries, then called Skytracker of America, was sold to Xenotech Industries, a subsidary of Ballantyne of Omaha and under corporate control of Strong International. 


A Toronto production staging company named Optex Staging purchased it's first Skytracker in 1981 to fill an order for Trio's and Bennies Restaurant in Toronto, a restaurant still operating today.


Skytracker was such a success that over the next few years more machines were acquired. In 1994 Dave Banning (SkytrackerDave) left Optex and took the Skytrackers off into it's own dedicated business. Dave has developed a great relationship with many customers dating back through the 23 years he has operated Skytracker searchlights.