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Hollywood hits Toronto

Another year of Sky-tracker automated searchlights kicked off the Toronto International Film Festival again this year for the 8th season in a row.  Skytrackers were seen at Roy Thompson Hall as the stars arrived. Skytrackers also pinpointed all film festival parties that were located all over the city.



Chaos descends on Roy Thompson Hall as Warren Beatty, his wife Annette Bening and Jeremy Irons arrive.


With the 9/11 attack on the opening of the festival in 2001, the festival had been somewhat subdued in the years that followed, but has really come back with some force this year.


Skytracker first starting supplying the to the Festival in 1995, and has been supplying every year since.


As always, the famous stars come to see and talk about Skytrackers. While the Skytrackers are not running, they watch movies.